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 ASUS A43EI241SJ-SL 14" Notebook

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ASUS A43EI241SJ-SL 14" Notebook Empty
PostSubject: ASUS A43EI241SJ-SL 14" Notebook   ASUS A43EI241SJ-SL 14" Notebook EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 4:07 am

I bought this laptop to replace the old HP G60. Since long time a go,I wanted to buy a new computer, but had never been considered too deep into it. At first I wanted to build a custom PC and never thought that a laptop can stay on your desktop. This is only noticed this on your computer. This computer is an extraordinary device that manages to stay cool after hours of use. Advantages:
NVIDIA GTX 460 with 1.5 GB of GDDR5. Windows tells me this card has 4 GB of total memory
Great portable speakers. I have never heard such sounds coming from the laptop.Screen as far as I can say about the same contrast as my 40-inch LED TV.
You can issue in 3D on a 3D TV via HDMI
The keyboard has a very good and the rear lights looks a lot like every time I see
Finish feels good to the touch and does not show fingerprints.
This team has by far the best cooling I've seen in a laptop. It's cooler than my old G60 if it ceases to be on a flat surface and burn my hands.
CONS: Honestly I have no disadvantages that I can find. Only some of the problems, I'm sure that most people tend to experiment. After installing the antivirus Virpi I got BSOD and had to do a system restore to correct. However, after restoring the system I had to remove the drivers for a backlit keyboard, and install them, to make them work again. This and that came with your computer in Google Chrome pre-installed. Do not open or remove. I had to install a new copy of Chrome make it work, and now my Add / Remove Programs, I have two copies of Google Chrome.
Overall, this laptop is much better than my expectations. Nice shopping experience, thanks . Most of the desktop is difficult to keep up with it. If you are a cash market, I honestly can not think of much better way.
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ASUS A43EI241SJ-SL 14" Notebook
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