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 Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase

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PostSubject: Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase   Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 3:40 am

Netbooks are more and more popular for its cute looking and being portable. Before you decide to buy a nebook, you should know about the following tips.
What Can (and Can't) Netbooks Do?
Don't underestimate the capabilities of netbooks. They're not just limited to Web surfing, compiling spreadsheets, or word processing. You can offload your photos from a digital camera and edit them using a program like Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. With some patience, you can transcode video to another format using Windows Media Encoder 9 or edit video footage using Adobe Premiere Elements 7, or run your entire music library off of a program like Apple iTunes. A netbook can play video from sites like YouTube or a movie from an external USB drive, unmarred by distortions and lag. Businesses are considering these pint-size laptops because you can run various e-mail clients on them, put them on a network, install a VPN client, and secure them with antivirus and antispyware suites.
Solid State or Hard Disk?
Some people think buy netbook can be slung about without fear of it ending up in gadget hospital. But while solid state drives can take a battering, they’re expensive and won’t store much. HDDs can’t stand as much of a battering but will look after your docs.
9in or 10in Screen?
This is more about the keyboard than the screen itself. If you buy a 10in netbook you’ll have a full–size pad on which to tap out disparaging blog posts and tiresome tweets. Get a 9in and you’ll have a (far more) portable machine which is not easy for you to tap out words .
Big price or cut price?
It’s definitely true that the higher the price is, the better quality it has. If you’re not wealty and just use the network to do some simple tasks, then choose a cheap netbook. If you have enough money, you can select an expensive one with more durability.

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Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase   Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 4:27 am

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Tips to Know before a Netbook Purchase
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