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 Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis ,

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Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis , Empty
PostSubject: Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis ,   Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis , EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 5:39 am

Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis , Do not ignore the male baby's Cheap NIKE air max 2012 womens penis phimosis and cryptorchidism consequences a great deal of serious

cheap womens nike free run 2 self-cryptorchidism and phimosis, the birth parents of every boy should pay attention to the problem.

In general, mothers seven months pregnant, the male fetal testes will drop to the scrotum, while cryptorchidism testis is in the process of decline in half-way stop, jordan air max fusion stay in the abdominal or groin. Therefore, the little boy is born, the parents will have to see that he is not cryptorchidism.

If the child is cryptorchidism, the longest observed to 1-year-old, to see the testicles scrotum, during which medication to adjuvant therapy. If the child is cheap Jordan 13 Fusion Air Max 2009 1 year old, the testicles have not dropped to the scrotum, it is necessary to consider surgery, operative time and no later than 3 years old, or testicular tissue will be destroyed. Patients with unilateral cryptorchidism 50% of infertility, and 100% of the patients with bilateral cryptorchidism infertility. Cryptorchidism addition to causing infertility, but also cancer.

Phimosis prepuce, and glans adhesions. cheap Air Max Jordan Fusion Children to after puberty, the foreskin can not be automatically on the turn, will affect the sex life in adulthood. Some children relatively severe phimosis, the foreskin is completely wrapped around the glans, exposing only the urethra, it will affect the child urinate. Some children urine in the formation of stones within the foreskin, affecting urination. At the same time, jordan 13 air max fusion the smegma is also penile cancer risk factors.

Speaking of phimosis, self-Sun said an interesting phenomenon. Rural children phimosis, when children feel itchy or uncomfortable, cheap nike free 3.0v2 womens they will hand scratching penis, parents do not think this is valid and lost personnel, the children of the slight adhesion of the foreskin, it will by scratching behavior foreskin to turn up, the phimosis is so dead and more.

But rather phimosis multi-city kids, city people pay attention to early to put a child crotch pants, nike free run tell the child early this place will not fumble, see children playing penis will idea to stop.

Sun self-reminder, if the parents is difficult to touch the child's testicles, or child pee small penis drum small bubbles, and to timely medical treatment.
cheap womens nike free run 2
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Do not ignore the male baby's penis phimosis ,
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