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 Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack,

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Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack, Empty
PostSubject: Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack,   Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack, EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 5:47 am

Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack, Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack
Pregnant 18 thoughtful postpartum 3 supplement DHA, cheap womens nike free run 2 baby IQ improved significantly

2007 pregnant women diet nutrition survey results recently released. Mead Johnson launched a new infant and mother A + formula, the scientific added DHA and choline, convenient to mothers who drink milk gradually improve the nutritional status.

"Mothers in relation to greedy that Eat small meals, nike free run eat snacks, the healthy development of the fetus will be beneficial." In the recently held "2007 Chinese pregnant women diet nutrition survey results" conference, the Chinese Center for Disease Control Nutrition and food safety researcher Professor Chen Xuecun humor.

The survey shows that many mothers after pregnancy only know the "nourishing", but make up what is, and how to fill, but it is not clear. China Disease Prevention and Control Center of Nutrition and Food Safety Xu Qingmei MD, deputy director pointed out: cheap nike free 3.0v2 womens the mother is the baby's sole source of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, during this period, the mother body of DHA and choline levels would drop dramatically, which two major elements of the baby's brain development is essential.

Related research shows that: the mother from 18 weeks gestation to 3 months postpartum, If you continue to add high levels of DHA, jordan air max fusion the baby in 4 years of age, IQ test scores will obviously be enhanced. cheap nike free run 2 ition to the rapid development period of the baby brain, the mother must improve their DHA and choline reserves allowed to maintain a high level of concentration in the body state. Of DHA is found primarily in fish and seafood, while the choline found primarily in eggs, pork and other foods. "Xu Qingmei MD, deputy director," but this most mothers do not understand, cheap Air Max Jordan Fusion such as pregnancy, often fish, but eat river fish, in fact, should eating marine fish - such as the octopus and so on. "

During pregnancy, mothers are able to regularly eat healthy snacks on fetal development is also very good. "Professor Chen Xuecun said, he recommended snacks, peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, pistachios and other nuts food, because these foods are also rich in DHA.

"The survey, cheap Jordan 13 Fusion Air Max 2009 there are two phenomena that makes us feel very worried about, that is, many respondents intake of vegetables and staple food intake are grossly inadequate." Professor Chen Xuecun said: vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins, the rich in cellulose have a laxative effect, but many pregnant women eat the fruit, rarely eat vegetables; staple food - primarily refers to a variety of cereals, Cheap NIKE air max 2012 womens protein-rich, pregnant women, daily intake should be about 450 grams with 150 grams, but the vast majority of the intake of pregnant women not to. "
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Pregnancy mothers should eat a little snack,
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