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 Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet,

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Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet, Empty
PostSubject: Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet,   Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet, EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 5:54 am

Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet, Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet, cheap womens nike free run 2
Mothers is one of the most afraid of the cold crowd, because the flu virus in the first trimester embryo in damage. Medication it, afraid of the baby on the intra-abdominal; do not take medicine it, for fear the body give way. From the perspective of health care, nike free run the use of diet is the first choice for mothers cold. Here are several methods for selection:

Apple honey water to take 5 apples, peeled, cut into small pieces, add water, 1 liter, boil 5 minutes, cooled to about 40 ℃, cheap nike free 3.0v2 womens add appropriate amount of honey Stir several times a day a small amount of drinking.

25 g 2. Jiang Si Luobu soup ginger radish 50 Kocse tablets, 500 ml of water, and cook for 15 minutes, add brown sugar, hot drink.

Onion and garlic porridge take a clean light blue 10, cheap Air Max Jordan Fusion chopped garlic, 3, 50 g of rice, add water, gruel, hot dose.

3 (4) cabbage, c heap Jordan 13 Fusion Air Max 2009 onion root soup cabbage heart washed, chopped 6 green onions root decoction in a bowl, add the brown sugar, hot dose.

The 5. Tender chicken chicken soup for a clean, wash profile, add boiling when eating in chicken broth, add spices (pepper, ginger, green onion), jordan air max fusion or to the following section to eat. Reduce the cold, stuffy nose, runny nose symptoms, and can enhance the body resistance.

Whichever approach, drink plenty of water is essential. Drink plenty of water and urinating more than the waste generated by metabolism can be promptly removed from the body, Cheap NIKE air max 2012 womens helping the healing of a cold.
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Mothers during pregnancy cold preferred diet,
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